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T Thursday, April 12, 2018

Sitemap is a good way to showcase all your posts and help visitors find every post in one place. By far I have shared two types of sitemaps, first is simple list of all posts with label names and other with grid view but names of posts only, so in this post I will teach you how to create a grid view sitemap with thumbnails. It is simple sitemap with all published posts and when a picture is hovered with mouse cursor it flips and show the name of respective post with its publish date and number of comments if any ! So its a impressive sitemap and you show try it once.

Here is a demo of the grid view sitemap with thumbnails/images for blogger blog.

Steps To Add Grid View Sitemap For Blogger With Thumbnails

Step 1: Go to Blogger > Pages and click on New Page.


Step 2: Switch to HTML view.

Step 3: Copy below code and replace https://101helper.blogspot.com with your blog link

<style type="text/css">
.grid-sitemap {
 overflow: hidden;
 position: relative;
 height: 565px;
 margin: 20px 0 40px 0;
.grid-sitemap iframe {
    display: block;
    width: 100%;
    height: 680px;
    margin-top: -115px;
    margin-left: -5px;
<div class="grid-sitemap">
 <iframe src="https://101helper.blogspot.com/view/flipcard"></iframe>

Step 4: Give a title to your page and Publish it and its done

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I hope you like this post, if not and you have a good opinion, tell me in comments. Thanks for visiting 101helper. Don't forget to share.

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Grid View Sitemap For Blogger With Thumbnails / Images

T Monday, March 26, 2018
When it come to designing blog, I am always ready to find something new. Today I really brought something new for you and I am sure you don't know anything like this. Have you ever noticed chrome color change while surfing your blog though your smartphone on Chrome? I think you still don't know what I am actually talking about. So I have a screenshot here.

In before part of the above image you can see that the browser has a dull color and after redesign the browser became black. So its good for site design and brings more professional look. So in this post I am going to teach you how to change chrome color with your site using a simple meta tag.

How To Add Theme Color Using Meta Tag In Blogger To Change Chrome Color In Mobile?

Step 1: Go to blogger and login to your account, choose the blog in which you want to make changes.

Step 2: Go to Theme and click on Edit Html.

Step 3: Click inside your theme code and use CTRL+F on keyboard.

Step 4: Search for <head>, you will find it in very initial part of your theme code.

Step 5: Copy below meta tag and paste it below <head>.

<meta content='#000000' name='theme-color'/>

Step 6: Now replace COLOR CODE with code of color that you want chrome to adapt when your blog is visited.

You can generate color code with our Color picker tool.

This works only for mobile chrome.

I hope you liked this trick, if yes, share it and leave a comment below. If you have any suggestions please leave a comment below or contact us.

Thanks for visiting 101Helper.

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How To Add Theme Color Using Meta Tag In Blogger

T Sunday, March 18, 2018

Sounds good? Yes! now you can easily without any hard work, make a super huge email list with this simple trick. All you need is a blog, some visitors not too many but at least 150 a day, more will be good and sumo website tools. So if you don't have a sumo account then go and read this post and come back to this post to build a super huge email list in no time.

If you don't know why I want a huge email list then let me tell you that if a visitor visits your blog and you have his email, you can send him all your new posts and get him back to your blog so its like binding him with your site so you don't loose your old traffic and the new visitors also visit your blog. So its like multiplying traffic by keeping old visitors engaged and getting new visitors. And the new visitors then become your email list subscriber and old visitor is already in list, so it go in this way and in the end you have a big audience for your blog.

How to build huge email list with Sumo Welcome Mat:

Step 1: Go to sumo tools and login to your account, if you don't have one, make it by following this post.

Step 2:  Add New Site  if you are new to Sumo tools or  Manage  your excising site.


Step 3: Click on Forms in the menu on left side and choose List builder.


Step 4: Click on Create New Form.


Step 5:

» Set My Goal as Collect Emails.


» Select Welcome Mat as email collector(Form type).


» Choose design from list.


» Choose visibility Mode:


Smart Mode: In this mode sumo decides when your welcome mat should show. It chooses best time for your welcome mat and its really smart specially when you have multiple welcome mats it chooses best time and best visitor to show it to him.

Manual Mode: In this mode you decide when will welcome mat show. If you want to show your welcome mat always to every visitor then leave the default settings but if you want to show welcome mat to a visitor only once in an hour, minutes, days, months or even year then switch always show to desired option and enter the time in which you want welcome mat to show, as shown in below image:


Switch on Toggle on to stop visitors from scrolling page when the welcome mat is shown.

You can also change display mode to Embedded or Parallax. In Embedded mode you have to place below piece of code where you want the welcome mat to slide down and show up.

<span class="sumome-welcomemat-anchor"></span>

In Parallax mode the welcome mat shows up as a parallax. To know what is parallax, set it and see it live.

So in this way you have control over your welcome mat, there are some advanced settings too by which you decide on which pages your welcome mat is going to show.

Step 6: Now you have Success option, leave it.

Step 7: Now connect your welcome mat to a Email service, so when it collects emails for you then send it to your Email service which you use to send emails to visitors.There are many good email services, choose one which you use and connect it to your welcome mat.

Step 8: Click on Publish button and its done!


If you are using feedburner then don't connect to any email service, all collected emails will be saved in your sumo account in subscribers section. You can copy each email and send it your latest post and add it to your feedburner list manually but your visitor will receive emails only when he approves your feedburner to send emails to him.

I personally use Mailchimp to send emails to my blog subscribers and it is a very good email service because its easy to use and provides me full data about every subscriber, whether he opens my emails, visit links or no. So I know which subscriber is active.

What else can you do with sumo to collect emails?

Sumo provides you great tools for free and you have multiple options to collect emails. E.g Popups, slide outs, Welcome mats, Sumo scrolling bar, Inline form and Cart casino(Pro users only). All you need to do is to select Goal as collect emails and choose the form type and follow instructions as show above.

I hope its a good post for you and you got help. If not please leave a comment below.

Don't forget to share this post, it motivates me to create more good posts for you.

Thanks for visiting 101Helper.

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How To Get +1000 Email Subscribers In 30 Days With Welcome Mat

T Friday, February 23, 2018

Google is constantly improving and working on new ideas, Recently they introduced matched content unit, after that they introduced in-feed, in-article ads which were really new ideas and used by many f its users. Now Google Adsense is back with a new feature, its called "Google Adsense Auto Ads", as indicated by its name this feature work automatically for you. So this post is about new auto ads feature of Google Adsense. In this post I will show you what are the benefits of this new feature, how to set it up and everything I know about it.

Benefits Of Google Adsense Auto Ads

●  Artificial Intelligence:  Auto ads work automatically, Google use artificial intelligence to manage your ads.

Optimization: As Auto Ads are managed by machines(Artificial intelligence), it learns and show ads when they perform best and benefit both users and publishers

Revenue: Google wants to benefit its users so auto ads find available ad spaces and show ads where you didn't even have ad codes placed, thereby increase your revenue.

No codes changing: With auto ads, you get only one code and you need to place this code only once on a page, if you are using blogger, place this code only once in theme and every page will contain the code. Now sit back and Google will work for you and show right ad on right time at right place.

Where To Add Auto Ads Code?

According to Google Adsense team, you can place auto ads code in pages where you already have ad codes placed. You don't need to remove them, Auto ads will take into account all existing Google ads.

If you are using Vignette or Anchor ads then you don't need to place auto ads code in your mobile site because all of them have been migrated to Auto ads, so you don't need to change codes again.

How To Setup And Google Adsense Auto Ads?

Its super fast and easy !

Step 1: Sign in to your Google Adsense account.

Step 2: Click on  My Ads in the menu on left side.

Step 3: Select Auto Ads.


Step 4: On the "Choose your global settings" page, use the switch controls to select the ad formats that you would like to enable.

Step 5: Mark "Automatically get new formats" selected if you want Google AdSense to add new ad formats to your global settings automatically when they are available.


Step 6: Click Save and you are one step far from Auto Ads.

Step 7: Copy the code and go to blogger > theme > Edit Html and place the code just below <head> or above </head>.


Click on Done to continue to your Adsense dashboard.

To see reports of how your auto ads are performing, go to auto ads in your Adsense and click on report's icon to view report.


Search keywords: Google adsense introduces auto ads, how to setup and use google auto ads in blogger, how to increase adsense cpc,cpm, Google adsense news and features, how to enable auto ads in google adsense 101helper.

Google Adsense Introduces Auto Ads - New Feature !

T Thursday, December 21, 2017
Have you swiped next or back while surfing your blog's mobile site on your phone? If yes then you might have wished to remove this thing from your blog because sometime it is swiped next or back without intention and it is a negative thing for your user experience. Mostly it happens if your mobile site page e.g a post has a html table or it has a big image because of with content is bulging out of your main post body which causes the user to swipe next or back without intention and if it happens 2-3 times the visitor just leave and stop visiting your blog. May be they don't leave but it is not a good visitor experience. I personally don't like swiping pages without next.

how-to-remove-swipe-next-and-previous-from-blogger-mobile-siteAnyway, suppose your visitor is reading a long story on your blog page on his mobile and he is in the middle of the page and just swipe to next page although he doesn't want to do so but by mistake he did it so now he has to go back and scroll to the middle and find where he was? so he will definitely not like it. Because most of the mobile sites do not have this feature so everybody don't know about it so this mistake occurs often on blogger sites. So to avoid this bad user experience you can remove it.

Unfortunately it is not known that how blogger add this swipe next and back because you don't find any script for it in blogger templates so we have to add a script to remove this swiping rather than to remove a script.

So in this post I am going to show you step by step how to remove swipe next and back from blogger mobile site. In my next post I will show you how to add sticky next and back buttons in your blogger mobile site so that if a user wants he can go to next or previous post by intention without any mistake.

How To Remove Swipe "next" And "previous" From Blogger Mobile Site?

Step 1: Go to blogger > Theme > Click on Edit HTML.


Step 2: Click in your theme code and use CTRL+F to open theme search box.

Step 3: Search for </body>.

Step 4: Copy below code and paste it above </body>.

<b:if cond='data:blog.isMobile'>
      document.getElementById('main').addEventListener = function() {}


Step 5: Save your theme and visit your site on your phone, swipe next or back and see its removed!

I know it is not a long post and just simple 5 steps post but many people ask how to do it so I decided to do a post on it. If you like it share it with others and if you don't leave a comment below.

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How To Remove Swipe "next" And "previous" From Blogger Mobile Site

T Tuesday, November 14, 2017
Sitelinks are some links that are showing below site in search engines. Its not just in Google search results but in Bing, Yahoo and also in Yandex. There is no idea how to get sitelinks, even Google says that sitelinks are automatically generated links to help visitors reach important pages of your site. Also you have no control over which page you want in sitelinks and also there is no code which can do it. You might be thinking that if nothing is known about sitelinks, how am I going to get it for my site ? Well, the answer is simple you will get it as I got them !

What Are Google Search Result Sitelinks:


Above is the sceenshot of sitelinks of my blog. If you search "101helper" oon Google you will see the sitelinks live. These are featured links from my blog and are shown to visitors to help them reach deeper pages or help them to reach the content of interest on a site.

Note that sitelinks never remain the same they change time to time and we have no control over it. Google allowed webmasters to remove certain links from sitelinks but now this feature is gone from webmaster tools so you can't remove URLs from sitelinks even if these are not of visitor's interest.

Though, you can control it indirectly by blocking these pages from index using meta tag or robot.txt.

Why Sitelinks Are Important ?

1. Sitelinks Increase CTR(Click through rate):

If you search a site and it doesn't have sitelinks, you will just click on the main site URL because you have no other option but if you search a site and it has sitelinks, you may like to click on something from the sitelinks which will grab your interest. So it increases your pageviews plus CTR.

If your site doesn't have sitelinks yet then before using tips below go to your webmaster tools and click on search analytics, take a sceenshot and compare it later with your click-through-rate. You will see an increase in CTR and also traffic.

2. Sitelinks Increase Visitors Trust:

Sitelinks makes a site look professional and increases visitors trust in your site which results in more bookmarks and more visiting because they trust your site.

3. Sitelinks Shows Your Rank:

Sitelinks are shown only below these sites which have a good rank. Rank is improved when you have good content, good traffic and your site is more social. So your fans will see that your site has a good rank so it improves your reputation.

4. Sitelinks Shows Featured Content From Your Site:

If you have sitelinks below your site it may show featured links like link to best post of your site or links to certain category where your visitor can read many posts with same label so it is good for your site because visitors can visit these links directly before visiting your main site so it will increase your traffic.

Google Search Sitelinks Mobile And Desktop Site:

As we know that Google is working on mobile sites and improving user experience on mobile because people use smartphones more than computers to visit sites so Google is working more on mobile site rather than desktop. Google has enabled carousel schema for mobile sites and shows many websites(news sites mostly) posts in carousel which shows how importance mobile site experience is.

So if your blog has a separate template for desktop and separate template for mobile then you have to optimize both of them to show sitelinks in mobile and desktop.

Here is a sceenshot of how sitelinks appear in mobile devices.


How To Get Sitelinks In Google Search Results?

Here are some tips to get sitelinks below your site in search engines.

1. Make Content:

I got sitelinks below my site first time when my posts were above 50 and appeared only when I searched "101helper" on google.com not on google.com.pk or google.co.in so it means that sitelinks may take more posts to appear on country specific Google.

2. Submit Site To Webmaster Tools:

Its the 2nd most important thing to do after making content, every single post you publish should be on Google. How To Add Blogger Sitemap To Google Webmaster Tools

Its best to submit your blog to all search engines i.e bing and yandex also.


3. Markup Your Site Navigation:

Your blog menu or navigation should be markedup with schema, it means alot because after marking up site navigation with schema you are actually telling search engines that certain part of your site is navigation and later the menu items start appearing as sitelinks. How To Markup Site Navigation In Blogger For Seo

4. Customize Your Blog's Robots.txt:

Make sure that the robots.txt you are using is not blocking pages from crawling or not disturbing index status in any way. You can see your blog's robot.txt by visiting http://yourblog.blogspot.com/robots.txt. If you can see that these is no blocking then it good. Many bloggers disallow static pages(contact page, about page and sitemap page etc) in robots text which results in disappearance of these pages in search results. So if you have done this then even if you makeup your menu or navigation and your menu items include sitemap page, contact page etc, you will never see these pages in sitelinks and also it may take some more posts for sitelinks to appear because more content means sitelinks. If you have disallowed pages from appearing then only posts will appear as sitelinks.

Useful Post: How To Use Robots Text For Better Seo In Blogger

5. Be More Social:

Share your posts and blog URLs as many time as you can, join facebook groups, Google groups and other sites where you can get your URLs shared, it will not only bring you some social traffic and followers but also it will improve your sites social impact and improve your search rank.

6. Choose A Unique Short Name For Blog :

By choosing a short and unique name for your blog, your visitors don't only remember your site but also use it in search and when there are more searches, you start getting sitelinks and popularity. Like for example my blog's name is 101Helper, Do your remember it easily ? if you do then you will surely search it on Google and you will see that my blog has sitelinks and I get many visitors daily which use "101Helper" as keyword to reach my blog.

7. Interlink Your Content:

Make a habit to interlink your older content with newer, show useful links of other posts in your new posts. It will increase your pageviews also because interlinking is good for multiplying traffic.

I hope you found this post helpful, if not please let me know by leaving a comment below. Share it if you found it helpful. Thanks for visiting 101Helper.

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Tips To Get Sitelinks In Google Search Results - Blogger

T Tuesday, November 07, 2017

There are certain things about seo and blogging that only professional bloggers and webmasters know and are not told to everyone and if told everybody don't understand it. One of these things is marking up site navigation with schema which helps search engines know what is site navigation element and it is helpful to get sitelinks below site in google search results.

Its a little bit complicated to markup site navigation with schema but I will show you step by step and after final step we will verify if we correctly marked up site navigation or not. Popular websites and blogs are using this method to tell Google what is in menu and hence in the sitelinks these menu is shown.

Although it is not guaranteed that you will get sitelinks below your site in search results but it will markup your navigation and whenever you will get sitelinks, your menu items will be included in sitelinks. I am not guaranteeing because according to Google sitelinks are automatically generated links below websites to help visitors reach what they are looking for. It is also unknown what is the criteria for showing specific items in sitelinks but marking up site navigation has impact on it as I experienced !

So lets start marking up site navigation with schema for search engines.

Step 1: Go to your blog theme or layout where your menu code is.

Step 2: Add below line inside your menu's <div> or <nav> or <ul>:

itemscope='itemscope' itemtype='http://schema.org/SiteNavigationElement' role='navigation'

like this:

<nav class='main-nav' itemscope='itemscope' itemtype='http://schema.org/SiteNavigationElement' role='navigation'>

Step 3: Add  itemprop='url'  to your menu's every item "link attribute" like this:

<li><a href='https://101helper.blogspot.com'  itemprop='url' >Home</a></li>

Step 4: Now add  itemprop='name'  to your menu item names, you can't add it directly so use <span> attribute and add  itemprop='name'  as I did for my menu, look it below:

<li><a href='https://101helper.blogspot.com/search/label/Blogger%20menus'  itemprop='url' ><span   itemprop='name'  >Blogger menus</span></a></li>

Step 5: Do it for all your menu items one by one.

Note: If your menu items do not have <li> attribute, it doesn't matter but you need to markup all the <a> and <span> attributes.

Step 6: After you are done go to Google Structured Data Testing Tool.

Step 7: Put your blog URL and  RUN TEST .


Step 8: Look for SiteNavigationElementif you found it and there is no errors or warnings then its cool and you did it correctly, Congratulations !



Let Google crawl your site and see your site performance after markingup navigation. Follow on Google +101helper or Like on Facebook to get more posts like this.

Thanks for visiting 101Helper.

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How To Markup Site Navigation In Blogger For Seo

T Friday, November 03, 2017
My blog reader asked me to write a post about auto backlinks building and its cons and pros so I decided to tell you about auto backlinks building and other backlinks that violate Google's guidelines for webmasters so you can avoid these backlinks generating methods and save your blog from Google penalties.

Before telling you about types of backlinks that violate Google's guidelines, let me tell you first what is autobacklinking. Auto backlinking is a way to get free backlinks without working hard, though it is easy way and works for sometime but if you get penalized then all your work go in vain.

There are many software that do it all you need is to put your link and make backlinks, some online tools are also available for this work. But I don't recommend it because these backlinks are not from sites which are similar to your site topic and these backlinks doesn't have value. Also there is a high risk of penalty.

So auto backlink generating methods are not successful and you should avoid them, here are some more backlink generating methods that should also be avoided. I recommend you to create backlinks on big websites that allow "dofollow" backlinks like Pinterest. Here is a list of dofollow backlinks websites and directories List Of "Dofollow" Websites And Directories.

To check if you are penalized by Google, check your blog or site stats from the day you started creating backlinks and if you have a decreased organic traffic(traffic from search engines) it means your site is penalized. Other ways to check is to search your indexed URL's on Google by using this link site:yoursitelink.com if you can see your site indexed then it means your site is not penalized and you are still on Google.

Still other ways to find if you are penalized you can search for online tools.

Types Of backlinks That Violate Google Webmaster Guidelines:

1. Paid Backlinks:


Ofcourse if you are buying backlinks to improve your search rank you are doing black hat seo and its against Google's guidelines. So avoid it.

2. Backlinks Exchange:


Some people exchange backlinks to help each other improve site rank and it works fine unless they start link exchanging with more and more sites and when they do it, their improved rank is noticed by Google and Google Penalize them because it is a black hat seo technique to improve rank, also most of the link exchangers do not have good engaging content so penalty becomes must as it is proved that without having good content how can a site get so many backlinks.

3. Irrelevant Backlinks:


Irrelevant backlinks are those links which are from sites which are not similar to your site for example if you have a blog about PC games or fashion and you have backlinks from sports or movie blog then these backlinks are considered to be irrelevant and it happens when you are using auto backlinks generator or you are exchanging links.

4. Links From Sites with broken links:


If you have backlinks from sites or blogs which have many broken links then these are bad for seo. Broken links are not even good for that site then how can these sites improve your rank which have so many broken links ?

5. Automatically Generated backlinks:


If you search on Google or on Fiverr or any other freelancing site or even on Facebook groups you will find guys which offers you to buy their package and get 10K to 15K backlinks for just $5 or less or more but never accept such offers. It sounds so good to have 10K or 15K backlinks overnight but it will penalize your site within days or weeks so all your work will be wasted. All these backlinks are generated by bots and software and are usually on blanks pages or high ranked website or in forums or in comments. Avoid Automatically generated backlinks if you don't want your website to be penalized.

6. Backlinks From Other Language Websites:


It does not have a major role because my blog(101Helper) also have backlinks from websites with other languages e.g Hindi, Russian, Spanish etc but all these websites are similar to my blog so it is not considered a bad seo technique but if you have backlinks from websites with other languages and also it is irrelevant then its not good and you can get penalized.

7. Generating Backlinks With Coding:


If you are generating your blog or site link on other websites by using CSS or Javascript or other programming language and hiding them then its against Google's guidelines, If your links comes with plugins and is for copyright reason then its fine but if you are hiding them and the person doesn't know that certain code is making links on his site then it will become the reason for your site to get penalized. So avoid it!

8. Backlinks From Sites With Duplicate Content:


If you have backlinks on websites with same and duplicate content then it will affect your rank and you can get penalized so avoid this backlink technique.

9. Low Quality Guest Posting/Blogging:


Ofcourse guest blogging is best way to get quality backlinks and this technique will never die but low quality guest posting which is just to get backlinks is not good for seo.

There are many other ways to get backlinks but all these are black hat seo techniques which should be avoided otherwise your website will be destroyed.

How To know If My Blog Is Penalized By Google ?

If you see a major drop in organic traffic from Google then its a symptom that you are penalized by Google and to confirm it you can use online Google penalty checker and also you can check it manually by searching your site on Google using this link: site:yoursite.blogspot.com other way to confirm it is to look at your site index stats in Google webmaster tools.

How To Recover If My Blog Is Penalized By Google ?

Well, if you are penalized by Google for certain activities, I recommend you to reverse everything you did. Its like undoing all the bad seo activities. If you have generated low quality backlinks or if you have used a software for autobacklinking then use online backlinks remover or manually remove it.

In my opinion best way to get quality and safe backlinks is quality guest blogging and commenting manually on forums and blog and dofollow social networks like Pinterest, Linkedin etc.

After reading this post you should get idea how to avoid Google's penalty and get quality backlinks. If you found this post helpful, share it and if you have any suggestion leave a comment below.

Thanks for visiting 101Helper.

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Backlinks Violating Google's Guidelines (Autobacklinks Pros & Cons)

T Friday, October 27, 2017
I am frequently posting about plugins that are useful to boost traffic, grow email list, get followers and more, So far I have posted about Hellobar plugin, Getsitecontrol plugin, Addthis plugins and also about shareaholic, engageya recommendation widgets. All these external plugins are really useful to increase pageviews and some of them also helps you to increase followers like Hellobar and Getsitecontrol.

In this post I am going to tell you about Sumo tools, the reason for posting about this plugin is I am impressed by their new ideas like legendary email collector(slides down from the top and covers the whole page and ask for email, with a "no thanks and arrow" button which slides it up in case if user do not want to subscribe.

How To Use Sumo Tools In Blogger To Boost Traffic,Mail List And Followers

T Saturday, October 14, 2017

Do you want to earn money faster from blogging ? then you are at right place. So far I have created many posts about earning money from blogging like adhitz, infolinks, revenue hits, chitika and affiliate networks but today I am going to tell you about propeller ads which is a faster way to earn money. Its one of the best way to earn faster from blogging with only one disadvantage and that is its first minimum payout is $100 and after that you can payout if you reach $25.

Don't leave this network because of a higher payout rate. Just give it atleast a try and you will see that its easier to earn from propeller ads as compared to other ads and also you can reach this high threshold because of there great ads.

Propeller ads advantages:

1. Accepts any site easily, no minimum traffic is required.

2. All ad sizes are available(square, rectangle, 800X600, 160X600 etc).

3. Payment methods include PayPal, Bank Wire, Payoneer Prepaid Mastercard ®, Payoneer Global Bank Transfer, ePayments, EPESE and Webmoney.

4. Higher revenue generating Mobile ad units are available.

5. Higher CPM(cost per 1000) - $3, $2, $1 minimum CPM rates.


6. If you don't have a blog or site you can still earn money with propeller ads using these native ad links, these links generate high revenues. So you can earn per view.

7. It is a pay per view ad network, its native ad links earn you per view. You can earn $0.20 to $0.50 per day with even low traffic.

8. Propeller ads referral program is really really good, you can earn $1 to $2 from 5 referrals per month. So more referrals equals to more money.

9. Ad units do not slow down your site, these are really optimized for faster performance.

10. Real time analytics of how your ad units are performing, updated every minute.

11. On-click / popup ads are also available and you can customize them to maintain your visitors experience while serving ads. You can allow 2 popups per visitor which means if you have 100 views per day your ad gets 200 views per day and that can generate you good rates depending on region of your traffic.

12. If you have videos on your blog or you have a blog only about videos then propeller ads can help you with it, they have video ads too.

13. You can use it with Google Adsense but don't use pop-ups, you can use interstitial ads.

Propeller ads Disadvantages:

1. Minimum payout is $100 for the first payout and after that you can payout with a minimum threshold of $25.

So these were the advantages and disadvantages of propeller ads. With only one disadvantage which is also for the first and last time, I consider this network good and recommend it. So if I am able to convince you then give it a try and share your experience with me by leaving a comment below.
How To Earn Money From Propeller Ads ?

Step 1: Sign up for a Propeller Ads account as publisher.

Step 2: Go to your email and verify your account.

Step 3: Login to your Propeller ads account.

Step 4: Click on Sites in the menu on left side.

Step 5: Click on + Add new site button.

Step 6: Paste your blog link and click on submit


Step 7: Verify domain by copying the meta tag and paste it in your blog theme just after <head>.

Step 8: Save your theme and go back to your propeller ads account and click on verify.

Step 9: Once you verify your account you can make a banner.


Step 10: After making a banner, just copy its code and go to blogger layout and click on add a gadget, select HTML/Javascript and paste your ad code.

Step 11: Save and you are done.

Tips To Increase Earnings In Propeller Ads:

If you want to get CPM upto $5 then use following:

1. Native Direct ads
2. Popup ads in blogs which do not have Adsense.
3. Mobile Interstitial and dialog ads.
Use popup boxes in your blog with checkuout this offer buttons or fixed bars with buttons and use the native ads links, it will increase your earnings for sure.

You can also use native ads links in posts, sidebars and anywhere where they can be visited.

How To Use Propeller Ads To Earn Money From Facebook Page, Twitter Account Or Social Network ?

If you have a Facebook page or twitter account with a huge audience then you can double up your earnings. How ? follow below steps:

Step 1: Go to propeller ads and login to your account or sign up and then login.

Step 2: Click on sites and click on Add new channel.

Step 3: Create a Native Direct Ad.


Step 4: Copy the link and post it on your Facebook page, Tweet it Or share it on Instagram and earn money for every view.

New Features Updates:

Propeller ads have recently added another very useful feature that is very unique and no other ad network has this ad feature. Its push ad notification which is very good for those who want to get benefit from mobile visitors. Mechanism is very simple, once you install the code of this ad unit, the ad show up in mbile view with 2 options i.e: Would you like to subscribe to updates with yes ans cancel options. If visitor click yes propeller ads will send ads as notification and you will earn for each click, CPM, per app install etc.

To get benefit of this new feature, go to propeller ads, sign in, generate this ad unit and copy the ad tag. Put it in your mobile site and start earning more. More subscribers = More ads serving = More revenue.


How to show ads above comments in Blogger Mobile site

● How to show ads in Mobile view in Blogger

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How To Earn Money From Propeller Ads / Earn Money Faster In Blogger

T Thursday, October 05, 2017
Pop-up Social Sharer Widget For Blogger

We all know that popups are really beneficial to get followers, likers and traffic and thats why tools like Hellobar is used by many. I also use Popups because my visitors give response more to popups rather than sliders or fixed content. Similarly its very hard to get content shared so popups work for it too. And its important to get content shared because more sharing equals to more traffic. Popup share buttons are not new, many of use have used them but popup have either 5 or 6 buttons so visitor is limited to share content only to some social networks and may be he or she is not using any of these networks so it will be a waste of time you will not get content shared.

So I brought you a new idea, Why don't we use addthis popup sharer, it has all social buttons plus it doesn't need long coding and too many scripts so it doesn't slow down our blogs. So in this post I am going to share addthis popup sharer along with some customization. So you can get popup by the time when you want.

How To Insall Addthis Pop-up Social Sharer Widget In Blogger ?

Step 1: Go to your blog theme and edit your HTML.

Step 2: Search For   </head> 

Step 3: Just above it paste the following script.
<script src='https://code.jquery.com/jquery-1.10.2.js'/>

Step 4: Now just below  </head>  paste the following code
$(function() {
    setTimeout(function() {
    }, 120000);

Step 5: Save theme and go to layout.

Step 6: Click on add a gadget and select HTML/Javascript.

Step 7: Paste below code in HTML/Javascript window.
<a class="addthis_button_compact"></a>
<script type="text/javascript" src="//s7.addthis.com/js/300/addthis_widget.js#pubid=ra-55f1e2dc50b66fd0" async="async"></script>

Step 8: Save you gadget and view blog to see sharer popup.


You can't modify it too much because its all created by addthis, we are just automatically triggering it using the script in step 3 and step 4. When you add the script of step 7 in you layout you are actually adding addthis sharing button and by the scripts you are triggering it to popup, so if a visitor wants he can intentionally open the popup by clicking on addthis button  + 

To change popup time of widget, make changes in the highlighted[120000] part of code given in step 4120000 means 120 seconds = 2 mintues.

I hope you found this post helpful. If not tell me in comments below. If you have any opinion or suggestion you can share in comments of contact me.

Thanks for visiting 101Helper.

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Addthis Pop-up Social Sharer Widget For Blogger